What are the typical souvenirs to bring back from Mexico ?

What are the typical souvenirs to bring back from Mexico ?

Mexico is renowned for its arts and handcrafts which are derived from an infusion of the indigenous crafts and the European work of art. If you look for souvenirs to bring back from Mexico, you have a lot to choose from.

For a good memory of your trip to Mexico, you may bring back a piece of art work or handcraft, jewelry, clothes, textiles, pottery, or ceramic objects. Here is an insight on typical souvenirs from Mexico.

Typical mementos from Mexico

When you think about souvenirs, the first thing which comes to mind is handcrafts and work of art. Indeed, Mexico is the best place to buy finely hand-made items.

  • Art and handcrafts: This is a good choice if you are interested in decorating your home with a valuable memento from Mexico. You can visit the local handcraft market and buy figurines dressed in Mexican clothes and sombreros.
  • Silverware: Don't miss going to Taxco to buy some silverware, where hundreds of silver shops are located. The silver artesano items are hand-made by the common people. It is recommended buy items with the 925 stamp. Silver antiques can be found at the Spratling workshop for those who are passionate with vintage collection.
  • Handcrafts: Wooden carvings make very good souvenirs. For the best choice, go to the manufacturers' workshops in Oaxaca, where animal handcrafts are made and sold inexpensively.
  • Pottery Talavera: Handmade ceramic objects can be found at Puebla and Dolores Hidalgo. The ceramic plates, bowls, mugs, vases are available in blue and white, but also in black. It is advisable to buy the black pottery or barro negro, because of their unique features. For black ceramic items, you can go to the village of San Bartolo Coyotepec.

Clothing and accessories are also very common souvenir ideas. And it is interesting to buy these items because the choice is yours.

  • Clothing items: For men you can buy embroidered shirts, which are known as Guayaberas. You can buy these men's shirts which are finely embroidered and made of cotton or linen. These can be very good souvenirs for your male relative or friend. For women, it is advisable to buy embroidered cotton dresses which are known as huipiles.
  • Sombreros: They are known as Panama hats. They are made by hand by the common people in the caves in Becal, Campeche in Ecuador.
  • Jewelry: Mexico's handmade jewelry is lovely and evokes a good memory of your trip to Mexico. You can find a fascinating piece of jewelry from bracelets, earrings or ring. Another silver items and objects for home decoration can be found at the Oaxaca silver shops.
  • Handbags: They are sold cheap at the local marketplaces and make very good gifts for your loved ones. The handbags are handmade and come in bright colors. The items are so fascinating.
  • Textiles: The brightly colored handmade textiles are great souvenirs, to be reminiscent of the Mexican way of life and people. The best place to shop for a hand-woven blanket is at Teotitián del Valle in Oaxaca. Those brightly colored blankets are so beautiful.

Holiday shopping in Mexico

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