Mexican culture : a mix of civilizations

Image Mexican culture : a mix of civilizations

The culture of Mexico is the result of a dynamic mix of pre-Columbian and Hispanic civilizations. Cultures of France, Germany and the United States also have an influence on this country.

With all this complexity, it occupies an important place in the world, a fact that is known to all. For this purpose, it is easier for tourists and newcomers to adapt to it. Their way of life, their traditions, their customs, their cuisine and even their music are open to all and offer joy to make every single ordinary day a delight in this beautiful country.

A powerful culture

Despite the cultural influences of many countries, Mexico has its own living cultural identity beyond what we can imagine. Certainly, cultural subdivisions also exist, but one can identify unique and unusual values that were inherited from ancient civilizations and that are well conserved by those of today including:

  •  Daily life and marriage: the population is welcoming and open to all tourists. People are always available to help and are so serviceable, ready to help in any situation.
  •  Mexican gastronomy: the cuisine is refined and varied. The main Mexican dishes are corn, peppers, and tortillas. By the way, they are called tacos (yes, like the tacos you see everywhere) when they are filled with several ingredients.
  •  Religion: the most dominant is Roman Catholicism. However, there are many other religions and everyone is free to choose his own. Those different religions live together in harmony with the principle of respecting the religion of others.
  •  Music: a unique cultural musical style featuring violinists, trumpet players, guitar, vihuela and guitarron players.
  •  Sport: Football is the most popular sport but there is also the cockfight or bullfight and the ritual dance fight of every Sunday afternoon. You're right, there is the famous rodeo, of course.

An equally influential culture

Through the points mentioned above, we can already see that their culture also influences a good number of countries for example in the context of cooking and sport. Moreover, in terms of marriage, it is not advised for a couple to live together without being officially married if possible because marriage is sacred.

In addition, the man is the one who generally supports the needs of family members. The woman is the guardian of the house and she makes all the important decisions especially about religion.

Finally, drinks, soft drinks and beers are the most consumed including tequila and free Cuba. Tequila is made from cactus and agave that are distilled once fermented and this tequila is available in different parts of the world.

Mexico: just beautiful country

It is obvious that this country is rich in colors and civilization diversities, but they also have their own riches, which other countries do not possess. The tourist sites, naturally extraordinary places, and other fun activities are unique.

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